Insulation of Existing Cathedral Ceiling

The kitchen of my house has a Cathedral ceiling. The room is cold in the
winter and hot in the summer. The house was built in the late 70s and I'm
reasonably certain, there is little if any insulation between the ceiling
sheet rock and the roof. I can't get into the area between the ceiling and
roof to inspect. Any frost or light snow on the kitchen roof melts quickly
whereas all the other areas of the house with a flat ceiling and 13 inches
of loose cellulose above, do not. I would like to insulate the ceiling
from the
inside and then install either a suspended ceiling about 8 foot from the
floor. I'm looking for suggestions that a DYI could do that would be worth
the effort and cost..
Thanks John
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John Reichert
I would suggest installing a regular lower ceiling (wood joists and drywall), then adding tons of insulation above that ceiling.
"John Reichert" wrote in message
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Gee, John, we already gave you good answers. You won't get any better ones by reposting the same question, instead read the previous replies.
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Thanks for the replies. I didn't see the post I sent on Sunday, which is it was resent this morning. Looks like a fouled up on the first and still haven't seen the replies to the first. Thanks again.
John R.
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John Reichert

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