Brick Column project - What do you think

Awhile back I posted my COLUMN 1 on this forum and got everyones opinion on if it was a keeper or not. Most all liked it, however, I see it's flaws and am still thinking of taking it down and starting again. Recently I just finished the second column, which I am very pleased with. The mortar joints look much better, and I didn't use as much dye in the mix. In the pics below, the second column hasn't been cleaned yet - so it looks powery and rough. I also got done in about 1/4 of the time. My reason for the two columns is to have them as corners to a fenced in back yard (3' Roman Gothic wood fence).
We are at the last stage of the column - the top. I want to put a concrete slab on top like you see on most columns. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to make one of these and what type of mortar/stucco to use. What looks best? I've seen some that go up in perfect slants (4 sides). How do you get this look? I'm also going to stick a solar light in the top. Let me know how you guys would go about starting a project like that.
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