2006-2007 Online "Businessman Of The Year Award"

2006-2007 Online "Businessman Of The Year Award"
Dear Friends:
Businessmen and women spanning the globe are using the internet more than ever.
As many of your know the internet itself began within the halls of American
academia and government. For most "going online" is one of the best, and
remains the best, methods of cost effective advertising, swift communications,
and tracking results.
Today?s number one candidate for the "Online Businessman Of The Year Award" is
Stone Evans. He is responsible for turning more business professionals and
students into online business owners than anyone I know. Stone is no
"ordinary" business man. He is also competing for "Online Marketer Of The
Year". There are 50 people competing for the award including the best like
Shawn Casey, Dan Kennedy, and Robert Allen to name a few.
Today anyone can get free live access to the personal computers to the top
internet teachers in the world. You can watch over their shoulders as they
compete for "Online Marketer Of The World". This is great information for any
professional, student, or business who wants to start or improve their websites.
Each candidate will be featured in their own "webinar" for all to see. The
competition runs through June of 2007. You can see everything (and get replay
links) here:
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More information for professionals and "newbies" regarding Stone Evans is now
available. You can now subscribe to his FREE internet newsletter and get
hundreds of tips delivered to your inbox including my own classic "1 Million
Visitors Guaranteed". His true story is inspirational. To find out how this
former struggling restaurant worker rose to the top go here:
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I hope you find this information valuable and wish you the best of success in
David Ahart
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