Can my 1972 Honeywell furnace blower be repaired? If not what do I have to get?

In the house I have a Honeywell furnace and above it the ac condenser both circa 1972. The blower seems to be part of the furnace. The blower is not working - clicks when turn it on at the thermostat but does not go on. Furnace and ac work fine but no air blows now. Can I repair the blower in the furnace? This is pre-computer so nothing on youtube helps. If not, what do I have to buy? A furnace and a condenser and a blower? or will they all come together? The compressor outside is a newer York, maybe 9 years old and is working ok. I'm so confused. My Dad kept this thing working for decades, but he passed recently and I am trying to get the home ready to sell, but I also have to keep it safe temperature for elderly mom and pets and person with lung disease for maybe a year. But the only HVAC professional who could come out in this heat wave is said I need:
Install (1) 110,000 BTU 80% AFUE, 2 Stage, Variable Speed Fan, Insulated blower compartment, Gas Furnace by Lennox Model # SL280V (closet location)
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(1) 5 ton, Up-flow Evaporator Coil by Lennox Model # C33 (closet location)
(1) Super High efficient Media air cleaner by Lennox Model # Carbon Clean 16 (closet location)
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(1) Touchscreen Programmable Thermostats by Lennox Model # ComfortSense 5000
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Does this sound right?
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The only *professional* you encountered was a salesman looking for a big commission, not a technician. Unless the heat exchanger in your furnace is cracked, there is little reason other than perhaps a slight efficiency gain to be had by replacing the furnace. That, and all of the other *upsell* items in the estimate will not have a payback period anywhere close to the time frame that you expect to be keeping the house. Any good technician should be able to determine the exact problem relatively quickly. Replacement blower motors are available for just about any furnace made in the past 60 or 70 years. You could also have a bad contactor (relay) that is not allowing power to reach the blower motor. I'd be extremely surprised if parts, parts markup, and labor to repair the existing furnace exceeded $500. Bottom line is there is either power reaching the blower motor or there isn't. That will determine whether you need a motor, a contactor, or simply find a bad connection or interlock switch somewhere.
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