Why have I not received my replacement bathroom faucet? I talked to Lucy about this faucet 2 times and emailed two messages about why I have

I would love to help but since we don't sell any products here and there's no Lucy here either, you've come to a wrong site.  If the faucet were not working and you were looking for help in installing it, it would be a different story. But unfortunately, we can't help you find a faucet here.
I am still curious though, where did you order it from? Was it a non-stock item? 3 weeks seems a long time for an ordinary faucet to reach anywhere within the country.  
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I was thinking this was a web site for Pfister! But, I'm wrong. I've talked to their rep.2 different times and sent 2 emails wondering why I haven't received the faucet they promised. I just went to Lowe's and bough another brand yesterday to rid myself of the aggravation of waiting on replies.
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