Re: Tips for Helping Sell your House Faster

Here's a tip.
**Clean the place**
I've done a lot of home-shopping over the years, and I'd say that a good 80% at least of the places look like dumps - dirty walls, dirty carpeting, weird-ass colors and vertigo-indicing wallpaper patterns, crap strewn all over the place, stuff against the walls so you can't see the condition of them, **poor maintenance** or just plian **non- maintenance**, and so on.
WHen we sold the place in Brampton, ON in the 90's, people kept asking whether the appliances weer new, teh answer being, nope, used 'em three years - and poeple were freaking *amazed* because they "looked new". Several asked, How do you keep them looking so new? Wel, uhhh, I celan them every so often... The point being, if you beat the sh*t out of your stuff, don't expect peole to be all falling over tehmselves rushing to pay top dollar for it.

And even without the glut, as crapped up as most places I've seen over the years have been, mos things are **WAY** over-priced.

IMO, that sounds like a great idea. If people want to have their place *appraised*, they can do that (tho' there is a fee). I often think some people just list 'em to see what they might be able to get for 'em.

That too.
Sellers are dooflollies, but so are agents, mortgage brokers, and pretty much *everyone* involved in the "real estate industry" - it's definitely a case of "Caveat Emptor", you have to really educate yourself and be a *rational* buyer, not just impulse-buy because something "looks cute". There is *always* one or more components in the house-buying pipeline jus tlaying in wait to find *some* way to screw a buyer over. The moment a buyer forgets that, he or she is screwed. Given that most people seem to impulse-buy, well....
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