Power went out on range after a small pop. Display, range, and oven

My wife called and told me our kenmore (around a 2004 model) went out. Display, range, everything. I checked the plugs, breaker, and even did the plug and replug. None of those worked. Any suggestions?
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Does the oven light come on when you open the oven door? Unlike the surfaces and the display, it is the simplest wired device, straight from the power line in (neutral wire goes through the door switch, live is straight up), so if that one does not come on, then it's the power line. The problem can be basically anywhere between the breaker and the terminal block on the range.
Do you have a multimeter you can use to check if there's voltage on the outlet's contacts? if there is 110V in the outlet, you can eliminate the house wiring and replace the cord because it's now damaged.  If you can't see voltage on the outlet, then the problem is likely in the outlet (since she could hear the pop, I imagine it was probably in the kitchen). Probably one of the screw contacts got loose or some other similar loose electrical contact issue that led to overheating of the wire and eventual meltdown.
<strong>Do not open the outlet unless you're absolutely sure you're capable of working with electricity without killing yourself and / or setting the house on fire.</strong> Otherwise please call an electrician and be safe!
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