my kenmore dryer model 11086071810 when I push start button it hums but tub wont

Kenmore dryer model 11086071810 I need advice on what is causing this problem when I push start button dryer hums but drum doesnt turn.
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I am not sure how old this Post is as there is no date. Anyway here goes this is what I found wrong with my Kenmore Dryer 110 64112200 would not heat correctly and we quit using it. The Motor Your Dryer uses is the same as mine on
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all these different forums and sites say You need a motor. Alternating Current Squirrel cage motors are very robust and unless locked up or a open wire coil they work, now that being said the Bottom wire on My motor plug is Red and is connecting L1 and L2 to turn on the Heating Element when the Centrifugal Motor switch is Released because the motor is up to Speed (Turning the Drum) I removed the Motor and opened the black Plug on the Motor the Switchable Contacts inside for the Heater element on the Bottom were fused together. This Condition caused my Heater Element to come on As Soon As I Plugged the Dryer in, caused the timer to tick and it also caused the motor to hum upon pushing the start Button and me having to help the motor start (Spin the Drum By Hand). The Motor would let the Drum stop as soon as the you put any clothes in the drum. The Reason is because since the Red Heater Element Wire Contacts were Welded together in the Motor Plug, when the Centrifugal switch on the motor shaft would release the switch it could not close the contacts for the Motor START Capacitor (the reason that the motors Hums, it can't start). Without the Start Capacitor the AC Motor can not start so it just hums unless you help it. Now also since I Broke the Fused contacts apart again the Motor can start and I Can not stop the Drum Motor Works Fine and the Heater element works Fine. Just some Information the Motor Centrifugal (Fly Weights) Switch is a Double Gang Switch so the motor can start, come up to speed and at the same time Close the Heater Element circuit. Hope this helps Somebody. Myself I can't see spending $82.85 for a motor I don't really need.
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