I want to tint some existing poly sealer to change the color, I want green

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It is a landscaping stone and I'd like the design to be tinted darker green. I would like to put something in the polyurethane to stain it so I won't have to paint it. I want stain, not paint. Is that possible? WalMart, Orschelien's and local lumber store won't touch it or answer our questions, we have to go 35 miles in either direction to find a "custom paint store".
Thanks, Smitty

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I'd talk to someone at a Craft Store like Michaels. I suspect you can just pick up a bottle of ink and mix it yourself. I might even suggest that you leave the poly out of the plan and just water-down the ink to your color preference and stain the rocks directly. Poly doesn't last long outdoors.

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