after replacing the plastic gears the motor will only run for a few seconds and then I hear a clicking sound do I need a new motor ?

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The plastic gears were completely stripped out and would not lift the door any longer. I ordered the replacement gears and changed out the main gear and the worm gear . When the opener would only move a few inches and stop I tried running the motor with no load attached and the limiting switches taken out of the circuit but the motor still will only run a few seconds and then emit a clicking sound. My next step will be to remove the gear and see if the motor will run without the worm gear contacting the main gear. I'm still puzzled about the clicking sound when the motor stops running.

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Posting the model of your garage door opener might help. But in general, the click is the relay doing its job - disconnecting power to the motor. Most likely due to the current through the motor's winding exceeding a preset cutoff setting.
I have had a stripped tooth from one gear stuck to the grease on the mated gear, traveled up to the next gear, wedged between the teeth of the other two mating gears and had frozen the entire box. It would move a little back and forth (as it turned out, one rotation of the gear with the stuck tooth) but the motor would shut off because of overload if I tried to operate it.

See if you can open it again and visually inspect the rest of the gears for any debris left by the stripped one.   

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thanks for your input. I cleaned out the entire unit and put in new gears so I'm pretty sure that's not the problem but something must be causing resistance to cause the motor to stop and I believe you're correct about the relay making the clicking sound. This is a sears product by the way, a chain drive opener from 1994 with a 1/2 hp motor.

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 This does seem like a mechanical issue of sorts and I think your initial line of thinking - disconnect the motor from the rest of the gears and see if that fixes the overload - is the best way to go.

By the way, there were so many different Sears Craftsman (and other brands sold at Sears like Chamberlain) garage door openers manufactured over the years that you may want to write down the exact model number - the question of what brand/model is it exactly will come up every time you're looking for help, either with Sears or online.

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