What should I expect to pay (parts/labor) to replace compressor on my heat pump? (1972 Goettle Heat Pump, condenser replaced a.k.a. 1992)

Should I bother?
I am owner/resident of a Phoenix condo with the original 1972, 3-ton Goettle heat pump. Bought condo in 2001, was told heat pump had been replaced approx 10 years prior. A/C went out last summer, had fan-capacitor replaced and A/C fired. However, would not come on this summer. Had compressor-capacitor replaced last week, but to no avail – am told compressor has seized. Tho he is NOT in the refrigeration-biz, I completely trust person who checked it out. CanNOT afford new heat pump until next spring.
My 3-pronged question is: Is a new compressor worth the investment? What kind of replacement costs should I expect? Or, should I consider sweating out what remains of the summer temps, wait until spring and purchase new unit? (new unit = $3500+)?
Any feedback would be appreciated, tks!
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You can expect $1500.00 to $2000.00 for repairs.  I would not recommend repair due to the age. Upgrade to a complete new system inside and outside. Be sure to use a licensed contractor, and demand a heat loss be preformed on the condo. Also be sure that a permit is issued for the job and is inspected by the mechanical inspector in your area.
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