How do I add freon to a Masterflux Sierra series air conditioner?

Hello Sir
    My name is Mehdi i need to buy  some  Dc air conditioner with max performance and quality . Operate at helicopter or aircraft with 30 passenger onboard  in heigh humid  temperature in south of Iran. My vehicles is helicopter type  Bell 412 and Bell 212 and Mil.17 .which have Dc electrical power with 24VDC. Cabin dimensions is 5.50  Meter( L ) and 2.50 Meter (W) and also 2 meter( H ).
   Please let me have models that you offer price and time of delivery in Iran or other country which you can delivered. Also if possible my company wants  to be your dealer in my region.
Warm Regards
Mehdi Ghasemi
Office :+982188930383-4
Fax : +982188901804
Mobile: +989123882763
Email :
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