How much R134a do you put in a sub zero 550 refrigerator and also the freezer

Sub-Zero had started to manufacture these based on R-12 refrigerant, so you have to verify the serial number to know the actual type of refrigerant needed. According to Sub-Zero tech bulletin for the 500 Series   it goes like this:
<strong>Charge R-12 refrigerant</strong> Prior to serial #M/P681166:  10.0oz refrigerator, 14.0oz freezer
from #M/P681166 to # M/P964070 and from #M/P964496 to #M/P1004775: 7.0oz refrigerator, 8.0oz freezer
from #M/P964070 to #M/P964496, from #M/P1004775 to #M/P1184141 and from #M/P1184239 to #M1204990/P1214590:
8.0oz refrigerator, 11.0oz freezer
<strong>Charge R-134a refrigerant</strong> From serial #M/P1184140 to #M/P1184239: 
10.0oz refrigerator, 9.5oz freezer
Starting with #M1204990/P1214590 : 8.0oz refrigerator, 6.0oz freezer
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