Where Can I find a Wood Inlay AMerican Eagle and and unfinished Pistol Case?

Anybody know where I can find a wood pistol case for a .36 model Navy Colt pistol and an American Eagle wood inlay? About thirty five years ago I bought a mid grade wood case for the pistol and two very nice American Eagle wood inlays they were about 21/4" length and maybe 1 1'4" high. The inlays were very good quality and made of different types of wood. Using an Exacto knife and another Exacto tool I inlayed the eagle after trashing one. There were some tool marks but over the years they added to the overall effect. The eagle was in a very nice pose with olive branches in one claw and arrows in the other. Over the years the case and inlay developed a very nice patina. The hardware was of the best quality so I removed the lock planning to replace it with a higher quality lock. The case recently vaporized - gone -.
Where can I find a replacement case and inlay? I want to finish or refinish the case and install the inaly and hardware. Where is a good site to find good quality brass small hinges and latches?
Should I post this to another group or forum?
Thanks in advance,
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