When should I apply Teak oil to a new piece of outdoor furniture made of timber which 'bleeds'?

We have just made an outdoor table from vitex, which is a hardwood (http://www.thetimbersource.co.nz/By-Species-1/South-East-Asia/Vitex / default.aspx).
This type of wood does bleed out when new, similar to kwila. It bleeds out bright yellow.
I am not sure if I need to delay applying the Teak Oil and let it 'weather' outside for a time to let the bleeding happen. I assume this means letting it get wet, or will the oils (or whatever they are) just leach out by gravity etc on their own?
My concern was that by applying Teak Oil too early I might lock in the bleeding for a period, and then as the Teak Oil disappears away over time the bleeding will start and we will get staining all over our clothes.
All help appreciated
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