Was over to the older son's today. So he could do me the favor of me lending him some money to buy a car. While there, he showed me a couple of chunks of wood, and asked if I had any use for them.
They ere a bit over a foot long, and about 8' X 8'. THEN he says he can get me a whole bunch more, about any length I want. The buddy that has them was going to fonfire them. Looks like old barn framing. So, of course I said yes. I'll use one about 2-3 foot long, stood on end, for a bainging on piece in the shop. The rest I suppose I'll practice doing some wood carving, maybe turn some carving mallets. That's the warm fuzzy part.
I'm sure a lot of you h ave seen one-piece wooden rolling pins, with the turned handle, on each end. The thought struck me today on the way home, if you don't have a lathe, and want a turned carving mallet, get one of those, cut it in half, viola, two instant carving mallets.
Personally I don't like the square mallets at all. I've got at least seven turned mallets and use them for beating on all typs of stuff. Just be sure to have the big end flat on the end, so you can stand it on end, and it won't roll away, or off the bench.
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