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OK, a few days ago I said I was going to make a master pattern, along these lines, and was curious about how some of you would do it.
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Not much in the way iof replies, altho one mentioned it being straightworward. Well not quite as straightforward as that. Actually, the design is more like this.
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This is for making the money box on the banks I make taller. It'll be routed out of 1/2" plywood. The little inset is to accomodate the router bit, and to allow the sides to sit flat. Well, I'm on about the 5th, and final version. Seems something was a bit off. and that made the test boxes be a bit off, about 1/10th of an inch in fact. Found out on the 4th test box that the router jig I ad made to route the box base was routing the slots a bit out of line. New, accurate, router jig, and all is well in the galaxy. Now this final version of the abovel pattern will used to make two masters,s one to acapt the figures already done to the new money box size, and the other will be adapted to new figures for future banks. Both of these masters will be glued to a blank piece of playwood, then routed, so the final thickness of the masters will be 1" thick. Turns out a couple of the prototypes were a bit more fragile lthan I'd figured, and they broke. I routed a cou-le of test pieces and it's all nicely accurate now. By the way, the final was made by sluing pieces of plywood on to a prototype so I could rout it to the final shape and dimensions I needed. Worked out very slick indeed. The thick patterns are easier to rout with and overall more accurate.
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