Trimming circular edges

I am looking at building a small rotating table like a lazy susan. It will be 12 in. in diameter constructed of a single thickness of 3/4" sheetgoods covered with veneer or formica. I intend to cover the outer edge with a 1 inch wide strip, trim flush with the top and bottom, then glue on the top trimming with a laminate trimmer with a flush trimming bit. A couple of question though;
Is the glue thickness a concern on the OD? A layer of contact cement .020 (twenty thousandths) thick will change the circumfrence nearly 1/16 in. A wood veneer could be scarfed and sanded to compensate, but what about laminate?
How do you trim the covering on the outer diameter flush with the top of the substrate? A router or laminate trimmer with a flush trimming bit won't sit on the 3/4 in. wide surface the way it does on a 1-1/2 in. wide countertop edge. Hey, how do they trim the formica edge band on a outside curve of an island? Or on an inside curve where a router base won't sit flush? I suppose a belt sander might do... But isn't there a better way?
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