The install was much harder than the build

I built a large multi-deck shelf for the garshop. It took a short time to build, the hardest part being to get the shelves attached to the supports. Nothing fancy.
Time to install. The first step is to clear out the corner where it's going to go (that was expected), but there's a metal shelving rack just barely in the way (that was not expected). I've now got to unload the shelving rack, turn it, and then figure out how to get the big shelving unit in the corner.
So I've finally got space, but that shelving unit has to turn around to fit into the corner. So I get one of those flat dollies from HF, and put it under one side. A set of casters goes on the other. It was quite a trick getting the shelving unit up on the casters, and finally it's on its way into the corner.
Wait, though, it doesn't end there! There's a switch for the yard light I thought wasn't going to in the way but is. (I even measured!) It looks like it's time to find a wire nut and take the switch out.
Next thing you know, I'll have trouble finding the studs to secure the shelves!
Never teach your apprentice everything you know.

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