Stupid move #7526

So I've been working on these scrap wood stars that involve cutting little bits of wood at all sort of angles, some pieces that even I am not stupid enough to try to cut on the miter saw. So I made myself a jig for the disc sander out of 1/4" plywood scraps that has every angle I need on it. Rough cut it on the bandsaw and then clean it up at the sander.
There was one angle that was too large for me to set on the miter saw, and I only had a short mating surface to actually fit the pieces so I had to really guess at what angle to put on the jig. Went to use it and it was off by about 3 degrees.
So I pop that piece of ply off, use it to mark another piece while adding the right offset, and quick as that it's glued up sitting in the clamps.
Go to use it again and hmmmmmmm, it's still off by 3 degrees or so. "That's odd," says me. And the thing I like best about this story is not that I had glued the old piece right back where it was, but that it took me the better part of the day to realize that's what had happened.
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