Repairing Kitchen Cabinets

I posted about 2 weeks ago concerning several relatively minor areas on kitchen cabinets that needed to be repaired. I expect that in several years, we will get new ones, so I don't want to redo all of the cabinets. At the time, I didn't know what kind of wood I had--now I can at least say that there is a veneer. Also, at the time the stains didn't seem to be penetrating, but miniwax special walnut, 234, did stain and is somewhat close to the finish on my cabinet in the two inch square spot I applied it at a point near a knob where the finish had worn off. However, the point where the stain meets the old finish has a dark ragged line(darker than both of the finishes) that tends to highlight the different finishes. Is there a way that I can get rid of or lesson the impact of the line between the two finishes?
Also, I have a second panel, 16" by 22" that has vertical water damage lines on about 30 percent (one big vertical strip on about 25 % of it, and another smaller strip on about 5% of it--both strips are separated by a large nondamaged section.). I talked to what appeared to be a knowledgeable person at a woodworking store, and he told me that originally (40 yrs. ago), the finish was not properly or evenly applied because the whole panel would have been equally bad if the damage was solely due to water. He also told me that if I tried to refinish the panel, he did not think that the results would be good. I was wondering if anyone has any insights on this. As I said, I just want a respectable stop-gap solution for awhile before we get new cabinets. Is there such a solution out there? Also, would refacing just the one panel (either myself or paying someone else) be a viable solution? Thanks for any help that can be given.
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