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Thank you, Rob. <waves back> I did finally find it. Since I'm not always able to read all of the posts before they expire from my server, I truly appreciate that you did. It's amazing how much traffic there is here, *and* such good information. Much of it is beyond where I am, or might ever be, but much is also helpful to me at this time as well as giving new ideas or a new way of looking at an old issue. There is no way all of this information would be available locally even if we had active support groups that met weekly! Different approaches, and opinions, for the same thing are invaluable. It seems more is learned from some of those differences than everyone doing it the same way. :-)
You gave a lot of good information which I have saved and will utilize in the future. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to write it all. I've saved it in a text file.
A friend of mine said he would like to go to the Goodwill outlet store next time I went. We went today. If you've never done that, it's an experience. It can no way be described as a shopping trip. No one who isn't a second-hand store nut or garage sale groupie should never do this. There are some good things to be found, but you must look at a lot of junk (sometimes just plain crap) to find them. (Books, however, are a bargain beyond belief!) For some reason, today seemed a good day, never any reason as to why, it just happens that way. Normally I stay away from the per-item stuff and buy only per-pound and get things like baskets (I give away produce in the summer and eggs all year around in them), cat litter boxes (chicken nests), am looking for hardwood rolling pins (table saw roller table), etc. There's always a purpose. Plastic boxes for under starter pots in the spring are good, cheap and disposable and don't leak and still help keep the little pots moist. One day, I scored a large box of 100 garden-shop tray bottoms for $5, gave half to a friend, who was thrilled with them and still have more to give away to gardening friends. Most of this stuff is by the pound so you get far more than retail or regular second hand. Anyway, today, I headed to the per-time area, and walked right into a scroll saw for $30. I've not yet plugged it in but if the motor's gone to never-work-again land, I have an extra motor to attach to it. Figured for $30, I'd find out if I would use one while I wait to buy a good one. It's an old monkey-ward one so probably is not that good of quality but a lot of oil and some TLC, maybe it'll be worth the $30. Figure it can sell for that at a garage sale, or at least part of that so it's not totally wasted money. When he saw me lift it into the cart, he said, "You knew right where to go, didn't you?" LOL It only looked that way. Though the Hillsboro store seems to have better quality junk, the Milwaukie store is closer (and no Sunset Highway). When I finally get around to trying it, I'll let you know if it even works, but that'll be a while with all else there is to do.
Stopped at Tap Plastics today and picked up some "mirror" plastic to make my to-be-6-year-old granddaughter a mirror for her birthday later this month. Since her mother is blind, there are few mirrors in their house and none that are at her size or portable; this will be both and unbreakable. It'll give me a chance to use the molding bits for the table saw, the ones that have never been out of the box in 20+ years.
Does anyone know any reason why the "mirror" plastic cannot be glued to pressed hardboard? Figure that will give it extra stability for little-person use.
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