Re: Bandsaw wobble

gw posted: "I have the same saw, and I had what may be a similar problem. Perhaps some of these ideas will help...
Although the wheels on mine were co-planar right out of the box, they were horribly out of balance. This only appeared at certain RPM's during startup and shutdown, or if I bogged the saw (resawing 4" stock). I had to drill about 20 holes in the webbing of the bottom wheel to get it close to balanced. After that, I still had the vibration (I'm guessing it was an oscillation of about 2-3 Hz if you want to call that a wobble). The large pulley on the lower wheel is cast aluminum and mine was bored off-center by about 1/16".
I couldn't find a pulley locally of the proper size, so I replace the motor with a 3450 RPM 1 HP motor I had and adjusted both pulley sizes to increase the blade speed to approx. 3300 fpm. I think stock is about 2700. I used high quality pulleys and a link belt. It cuts like a completely different saw now".
I tried to post directly toyou, gw, but your ISP thinks I'm a spammer. Would you mind relating how you determined where to drill your relief holes? I understand the principle but not how to do this on this wheel. Anyone else know the answer? TIA
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