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Evening -
Coupla years back we remodeled our oak timberframe home and removed some of the oak timbers in the process. Nice, 2x6 (actual) white oak. 16 beams, from 5 to 7 feet in length. Some good 1/4 sawn (five or so), two amazingly beautiful quilted grain beams, and 8 or nine pretty, but understated standard (?) cut.
I'm making a morris chair and using the quilted grain for the arms and the 1/4 sawn for the rest of the structure.
Ooops, Honey, I need a bandsaw so I can resaw this lumber. So now to the question: I can get the Powermatic 14" Bandsaw for $800 after mail-in or I can get the Jet 14" for $450.
Obviously, the P-matic is significantly more in money and features- Carter guides, blade tensioner, fence, another 1/2 hp, P-matic quality.
To add those bits to the Jet would bring the cost almost as much as the P-matic....
Any opinions? I could also go mid-way and pick up a Delta - in the $600 range....
Anyway, so I figger I'll take the rest of that white oak and make a laminated workbench top.
Any suggestions on how to do this? Glue and screw each slab?
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