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I love the abpw and abpf NGs. Sometimes educational, sometimes just show & tell. Sometimes showing off, and even voyeuristic. Well, I just discovered alt.binaries.food. Photos of just-cooked/not-yet-cooked steaks and chops and baked potatoes. (ATTN: Dan Quayle spelling-bee fans.)
There was some guy who claimed to have figured out a way to produce a smell-o-vision PC plug-in a couple of years back -- which would certainly add to this food NG, and maybe even help here with wood IDs -- but haven't heard since. I just find it a bit amusing that someone takes his steak off the grill and, before digging in, takes out his digital camera to take a shot so he can post it on the Net. Maybe that helps tide one over during the important post-grill "rest" period.
It does seem a bit salacious, such as the posting "Butts-&-Briskets-Rubbed.jpg" And imagine the reaction in places that have only so much food (if they have Net access). Then again, in countries where cows and goats are forms of currency, maybe it would make some sense it its own way.
I suppose it is the proverbial "to each his own". Enjoy. At least it is zero-calorie -- unless it inspires you to raid the fridge. -- Igor
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