"New" Krenov Book Out

While browsing the shelves of woodworking books at a nearby Barnes & Noble I spotted a familiar cabinet photo on the spine of one of the books. The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking - James Krenov - hmmm. The cover has three nice photographs of three of Mr. Krenov's cabinets, beautiful in their appaprent simplicity, wonderful in their proportions, each quietly showing the wonders of wood. Flipped the book over - $17.95! Done!
Only later that night, a little bedtime reading, did I discover that my "new" Krenov book is actually a reprint, of a book I already have. Sneaky publisher - repackaging a book released a mere 12 years ago.
Now don't get me wrong - this is a terrific book and, with the exception of some colored photographs that were on the back cover of the earlier version, the content is identical. And the content is very good - filled with Krenov's approach to cabinetmaking, his love of wood, lots of details shots and text full of tips and techniques. And the thing I value most, Krenov's sharing of his inner thoughts and feelings about pieces and woodworking in general, are scattered throughout the book. There are a ton of books on "how to" but few contain the "why" part of the process.
If you missed the earlier publication of this book here's your salvation. If you have no idea who James Krenov is or what he does - pick up a copy of this book. If you're new to woodworking and think you're going to really get into it - pick up a copy of this book. If you're one of those people who thinks Krenov is "one of those tree hugging, wood lovers who does funny little cabinets on long spindly legs" - get the book anyway - you're sure to pick up some usefull methods of doing some nice things with wood.
At $18 US this book is a steal!
charlie b
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