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In another thread, someone posted a list of several companies that sell informtion to names and addresses, inc. Did a scan of the index page <
The following is a list of Woodworking businesses I found that sell names and addresses, and I only got through the "2's".
While I believe in free enterprise, I also believe that I should be receiving some remuneration for providing my name to such lists.
Workbench Magazine
Woodsmith MasterFile
WoodMaster Tools
C&H Distributors, Not woodworking, but the phrase in the ad, "& H DISTRIBUTORS has been cultivating direct mail business customers who seek to satisfy their front-end as well as their back-end needs." is more than an little amusing
Woodworkers' Warehouse
Woodworking from Tower Hobbies , Really interesting quote, "These dexterous individuals would be ideal targets for any shop/tool, lawn/garden and craft/hobby offers."
Shopsmith package insert program
Cherry Tree International
Cherry Tree Package insert program
Cherry Tree Crafts
Cherry Tree Woodworking
Dupont Registry, Fine Homes
Bridge City Toolworks "It is agreed that names furnished will not be used for sale offers, wraps sweepstakes, free gifts, inquiry generating devices, send-a-friend bind-in cards, sale pages and/or insert sales or promotions of any kind without pre- approval from the list owner. Violators of this policy will be accessed a name or monetary penalty per violation." So what exactly are these lists supposed to be used for?
Woodcraft Supply
"List Users agrees not to use the list in connection with any "Free" or "Discounted" offers without prior approval from Woodcraft Supply."
Woodcraft Supply Package insert program
Woodcraft supply blow-in
Woodworking and Hobby Plans
Grizzly Business Buyers
Woodcraft Supply Retail buyers
Woodcrafting for Profit
The Woodworking Shows
RB Industries
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having my own domain means I can create on-the-fly addresses and positively ID who's selling my info. I already caught shopnotes when junk mail to "shopnotes at" started showing up.
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