Mostly junk ....BUT!

I know how much you all adore Lee Valley. Quite frankly, except fer their woodworking tools, they sell nothing but junk. I've seen better deals in a Harriet Carter catalog. IOW, mostly crap.
BUT!.... they do come through!!
Case in point: I bought their severely overpriced 16oz Tervis® tumbler (w/ lid) fer $15.50USD. Although it is "guaranteed" fer life, it only lasted 2 yrs before ice cubes threatened to 'chip-away' the bottom. I told a Lee Valley support droid, sent her a photo of the offending Tervis® tumbler, and made a deal fer half dozen Duralex® Picardi 250ml glasses ($14.50USD), which jes arrived by UPS, today (I've nursed one fer yrs).
DO NOT buy the Tervis® tumblers. They are junk. Plus, the first time I showed mine, in public, everyone else had 32oz tumblers. Told me they got 'em at a flea mkt fer a couple bucks. I don't know if they were Tervis®, but they sure looked like 'em.
BTW, Lee Valley customer support?: A freak'n plus!! ;)
nb --will probably buy from LV, again
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