Makita 2040 Help

I am hoping for some help adjusting the infeed and outfeed rollers on a Makita 2040 planer.
I have Googled this but still lack understanding.
Some background info. Picked the planer up used with bad rollers. Learned from this group, and just made my own replacement rollers. I installed them but cannot get them adjusted.
I removed and reinstalled the rollers by putting a scrap of wood under the rollers and raising the table up and removing the "metal covers" that screw into the "metal holder".
The words in quotes are Makitas part description.
Someone in this group said you need to remove the "height adjust screw" and "pressure adjust screw" to remove the rollers. I could not do this, so I removed the roller again then removed the "height adjust screw" and "pressure adjust screw" and "the metal holder".
My questions
1) are these parts different from left to right as the owner manual implies ?
2) whats the difference? Hope I didn't mix them up.
3) If I reinstall the assembly, how should the "adjust screw" be positioned on the "metal holder" all the way up, all the way down, halfway?
4) Do I need the "wooden Leveler" or can I use a cutoff?
5) The manual says to bring the bed up to the frame and then back the bed down 1/2 turn to get proper roller height - someone else said to raise bed up an addtional turn. Which is it?
6) Then adjust screw so the cutoff just clears roller?
7) How do I adjust the "pressure adjust screw"
I know this has been covered in other posts but not in enough detail for me to figure it out.
I was supposed to buy this planer but when we discovered the roller problem, the guy gave to me for helping to get it out of the basement.
If I ever get it running I might have a gloat, but right now I got one heavy puppy in my garage and a still remember hauling this thing up basement stairs a year ago.
Thanks for your help.
Seems like there was a poster who repaired this for a living.
I assume it is a Type 1 Adjuster.
Thanks Again Bob
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