Looking for an adhesive for polyester/end grain SYP

Trying to make the 2"X2" slabs with fabric between several that "cascade/tumble" as the top slab is flipped over, then reverse the flipping as the top slab is flipped the other direction. They hang down from the top one but I don't recall the name if I ever knew. Two youngest grand kids are first grade and preschool and it has been many, make that MANY, years since I've seen one. Latest attempt was Gel Super Glue that held fairly well but wouldn't take the challenge of active youngsters for very long I fear. Considered epoxy but how does one mix components for a couple of drops for each juncture of fabric and wood without buying a gallon? Spacing of the slabs is important as I found out when the space between slabs was just a smidgen too small and when folding the fabric separated from the wood. Tried another fabric with less success prior to polyester. Wife is a quilter and am using what I recall is called Basting Tape, thin strips of material involved with sewing. Wanted to refer to my wife as a "quilter/sewer" but the language doesn't always support communications, I wasn't meaning mail line to the city dump but one that sews. NOT trying to expand the adhesive variety any more than required for a fun SMALL project that has already taken more than a week experimenting. Contractor is working on new extended garage that will function as a woodshop and inadequate electrical circuits in the existing garage disallow my using tools while they use the garage circuits for small compressor for nailing. More than you wanted to know I'm sure.
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