log furniture

Asking for a couple tips from someone who has built log furniture. The one book that I have says that the mortised piece should be green wood so that it shrinks around the tenon which should be dried wood. Now, that's all well and good if that's the way it has to be but I'm having a hard time coordinating these two requrements. Idealy, the pieces should only require a small dowel to secure them. This did actually play our well for a dog-legged sapling that I tenoned on the bottom end fit it into a mortise in a green round of birch - actually, soaking wet. I forgot to glue it and in a week the two could not be seaparated. It now lives in the cabin with no signs of weakening.
Is there any reason that I couldn't use green wood and gorilla glue? Maybe dried would be better because of shrinkage issue. I'll be felling a lot of trees in the 2" diameter category so I'm prime to do some building. What I'm not prime for is a facility to keep that many trees out of weather until dry.
Enough blathering - TIA, Chuck
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