Leon and left tilt saws

Last year, I bought a new TS and was trying to decide whether to go left or right tilt. After reading a reply on the same subject from Leon, I made my decision and got a left tilt. At first, I was second guessing my decision but I think it was because I simply wasn't used to it. Much like Leon, I've discovered there are pros and cons and now feel the pro's definately outweigh the cons. Thanks Leon.
Scale doesn't work with dado stack. However, I found this easily solved by placing the fence against the stack and placing a piece of masking tape on the "0" on the scale. Then, use the masking tape as your guide for that session of dado use.
The miter slot on the left is further away from the blade than a right tilt saw. Figures when you think about it, but I still don't care for that and there is nothing you can do. Not a show stopper but I like the stability when it's closer to the blade.
Can put storage under the right side of the table because the cover is on the left. In my case, I shifted the rails to the right because there really is no reason to put the fence left of the blade with a left tilt saw. It increased rip capacity and allowed me to put in a router table without any obstruction below.
When doing bevels, the top side is on the fence instead of trying to slip under it after you flip the material over.
Bevel cutting is done with the blade tilted away without having to move the fence.
Blade changes are done in front of the saw and threads work the way you commonly think threads should work.
I'm sure there are others on both the pro's and cons but simply wanted to share my experience. Curious to hear any other points of view.
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