Laminating wood strips

I am about to undertake the construction of a teak anchor pulpit/platform for my boat. I want to construct it by laminating/glueing up strips of 4/4 teak, to create a whole piece that is about 14" wide, about 2" thick and 36" long. As I understand it, this is similar to making butcherblock or a cutting board, however, it has to be able to handle a great deal of stress and weight from various angles.
I have been suggested a couple of different techniques for constructing it and I was wondering if anyone in this group could share there opinions on them.
1) Drill peg holes in the opposing faces of each strip and use hardwood pegs to fasten them together when glueing up. Glue the faces together using 2 part Epoxy and knock them together with the pegs in place. Alternate the peg pattern as you go. Clamp in place to set. If using this method, I do not know what thickness pegs to use and how deep to make the peg holes in the 4/4 planks.
2) Screw the pieces together with Stainless steel wood screws, countersinking to accomodate the heads. Glue up with 2 Part Epoxy as well. If I used this method, I would probably use the peg method above on the outer pieces to preserve the finished look without using plugs. If using this method, I do not know what size screws to use.
3)Just glue it up with the 2 Part Epoxy and clamps. Dont use anything to fasten it accross the strips. Just clamp it well to set up.
Any input on these various methods and their pros and cons wood be greatly appreciated!
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