Hinge Revisited

Thanks to Bigpole for something that worked. Here's what I did: Cut a small brass screw of the same size diameter as the hinge hole, so that it extended about 1/8 inch proud of the hinge when pushed thru the screw hole of the hinge. Filed it to a conical point. I used a small jewelry file, because with a #6 brass screw, it's about 1/4 inch long overall.
So, I screwed the hinges to the body of the cabinet, and then put the small screwhead thru one hinge, and held it in place with a piece of masking tape, then closed the hinge. Now the little point is sticking thru the hinge where the hole will be. I carefully lined up the door till I got a perfect alignment. Then I thumped the door over the little pointy thing. When I removed the door, I had a nice indent where I could drill the pilot hole. Then I put one screw in that hinge, and used the pointy thing in the 2nd hinge, lined up the door till it was perfect, and thumped that hinge area to get another indent.
Put the remaining screws in, and the door was perfect!!!!! Also, the hinges didn't bind either.
Hope this helps someone.....
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