Ceramithane Cabinet Finish (multi post)

I see that are a number of ceramic finishes, the one I have (from Highland Hardware) is Ceramithane Clear Satin. I'm told the Satin and mat are some kind of colloidal, it's not surface.
I didn't see any samples there.
What I have is some kitchen cabinets out of maple plywood with a faintly tinted oil wash over them.
So, gloss or what I have, the Satin.
I'm told the Satin will be easier to maintain in not showing dirt and such. There's some nice grain in the cabinets and I wouldn't want to obscure it. So, since I haven't seen it, I need an opinion.
I'm told (by alt.home.repair) this is the group to ask such questions, unfortunately I sent an identical post from there before realizing I had not added in this group. Sorry to those reading both posts.
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