Blade Sharpening Opinion

Hi guys: A saw is a saw, unlike a ford car that only ford garage wants to work on it, you can get it fixed at any good shop. I say fixed because there is a lot more to a saw then just sharpening it. A cheap saw is punched and sharpen a little and sold to some sucker out there. A good saw is cut by laser or water today, heat treated, tensions, leveled and if carbide or stellite, the tips are installed.
About every community has some kind of saw sharpening service but many of them have no training or minimum training. The saw should be sharpen on the face and the top of the tooth. Many saws will need to have the tension adjusted and the lumps taken out. Most of these small saws, the lumps are the biggest problems. Lumps are cause by heat. You remember that boxy plank that was pinching the saw and your wife was talking to you and you stop feeding to answer here, that will do it. Sometimes it does not take much. I do my own saw but I have had to straighten a few small saw for my previous boss.
Have to ever cursed those jig saw blades that do not cut. I have seen many cheap ones that are punched then the teeth are set. On one side you get a true corner but on the other side the corners and edges are all rounded. I said true corner because I did not know what to call it, because they are certainly not sharp. Buy a better quality blade and buy a saw with a long stroke and you will wonder why you kept that $10 saw around so long.

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