applying india ink over minwax stain?

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t brown orangy tint.
There are a lot of variations of color when working with mesquite, and a lot has to do with the exact specimen. In the artists colonies north of here, there was a thriving business in mesquite furniture of all sizes and types, kitchen ware, cutting boards, and just about anything you can think of. Flooring was/is still pretty popular, just unaffordable for most.
Since it is a native here in South Texas, there is all manner of uses for it. Some folks burn it, some barbecue with it, and personally, I like to chuck it up and turn it on the lathe. It is extremely tough and hard, and like Leon said, the shrinkage from green to dry is almost nonexistent.
I have seen fire engine red mesquite, brown mesquite (barbecued with that stuff), pink, orange red, orange yellow, etc. In fact there is so much variation on the coloring the folks that sell it around here no longer let you select your pieces based on color since the red stuff is the most popular. They wind up with a lot of the brown stuff that isn't really popular or dynamic.
If I were you and were still going to color that floor, I would use deck paint. Sherwin Williams has some great stuff and they have it in satin, semi gloss and gloss. If memory serves correctly, they even have black.
Although I do finishing and refinishing as part of my living, I wouldn't try to even out a bad stain job. Not only is there no end to touching up, but it will never, ever look right. It will always look second rate. Paint would be easy to apply, and the good stuff wears like iron.
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