Aligning blade to miter slot on Delta TS300

Hi all,
I'm considering purchasing a Delta TS300 and putting it in a bench for my SMALL shop (in my 2-car garage that must share space with 2 cars.).
I know this is not the greatest saw in the world, and while I wish I had the $$ and space for larger saw, I must be able to put it aside and get both cars in the garage. The space I have to the side of the garage door is only 24 in., so I need a shallower table so I can get the cars in.
I origianally purchased a TS200LS, and while it does what I need it to do, wanted something a little larger.
Anyway, in looking at the manual for TS300, it doesn't mention aligning the blade to the miter-slot. Was wondering if anyone knew if it was even possible? I'm considering a good aftermarket fence (Beis or Incra TS-LS), which I know is overkill on this saw, but I should be able to use it on the next one, but they all say that getting the blade lined up to the miter-saw is very important, and I'm just a little nervous about the manual for the TS300 not mentioning how to do it.
Thanks in advance...
Trace Wilson
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