I have a bottom window sash that is a superseal 1100 that has lost its seal and is foggy, how do I get it replaced

This window was purchased from a dealer in Newark Delaware, I do not have any paperwork on them , is there an identifing number or mark on the window itself?
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They have to be replaced or properly repaired, usually through a Hardware Store or Glass Shop as it's still not a service offered by Home Improvement stores (as far as I know). Repaired means the sash must be disassembled, cleaned on the inside, re-filled with Argon and re-sealed. Depending on the window size, of course, most repairs around me cost $75 to $150 Per Sash and they last. - However, replacement may be an option for you, if you have stock-size sashes. I've had only some luck with this. But, if your sash matches the dimensions, including thickness, of a Home Improvement stores off-the-shelf window, then buy it and pop them in your window. In my few cases, the Support Balances were just screw-on, but a deal breaker if yours aren't.
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