andersen tilt window is tilted and strings are sticking out. can't tilt back up.

I am cleaning my Andersen windows. I know that after tilting the window in, you must push it down before pushing it back up. The top half did not stay up before cleaning. It would slip part way down on its own. With a little push it would slide all the way down, so perhaps I had a problem before tilting the window to clean it. (The bottom half works fine,) With some difficulty, I was able to get the top half of the window to tilt in. However, when it did tilt, it was at the bottom of its range. The strings that are in the track are sticking out, and I know that they are supposed to be in the track. If I would be able to get this closed, I will not be able to push the window down before pushing it up because it is at the bottom of the range for opening the window. I am also afraid of getting the strings stuck in the frame between the window edge and the frame. I have no idea how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated.
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Margaret Houlihan
I'm not familiar with them. But, call Andersen at 1-800-426-4261 for the proper assistance or to find out it's a recalled or warranty issue...that garbage sure sounds like both to me. Their Warranty Company is Eagle Window and Door at 1-800-453-3633.
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