Wooden Floor Prep & Treatment

I know these things can be wide ranging in prices, and its hard to say
without seeing a specific job, however, can anyone give me a very
rough estimate of what it might cost me to get my wooden fllors
(orginal floorboards) sanded and then treated with a wax/oil/varnish
(havent decided yet) by a professional.
I have already done this job myself.. using a well known floor varnish
which turned out to be crap and so now I am thinking of turning to the
The floor is a hall and dining room and totals approx 30 aquare
Thanks for any advice!
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Sand the floor, then treat with Bourneseal, several coats. When you have an even finish (the wood no longer soaks up the seal), treat the floor with two coats of a polish such as Johnsons Eternum. This is a water based polish which is applied with a mop. I work in a school and this is the way in which we treat a heavily trafficed wooden assembly hall floor. The treatment lasts for a year.
There may be other products which you can use to follow this regime.
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