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No. The three reds "twisted" together will be live in, live out, and switch feed. The blacks twisted together will be neutral in and neutral out. You therefore want to use (b)(Neutral), (c)(Switched Live) and of course (d)Earth.
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Frank Erskine
On Sat, 29 Sep 2007 08:36:10 -0700, "cerberus" wrote:
No. The two blacks and the red tagged black, or switched live.
The three reds are just a live common point.
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Andy Cap
Don't tell too many people - changing light fittings is good business! SWMBO buys new light fitting, husband unscrews ceiling rose, sees all those wire & panics!
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The Medway Handyman
I'm in the process of wiring some some new ceiling light fittings & have
found the following configuration;
(a) = 3 reds twisted together
(b) = 2 Blacks twisted together
(c) = 1 black (marked with red tape
(d) = Earth
I assume that (b) is the 'loop termination' & only (a) (c) & (d) are used in
the fitting?
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Indeed so. And the variation where husband/'friend'/'someone my mother knows'/'odd jobs bloke' puts all the reds together, all the blacks, and connects those to the new fitting....
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Ed Sirett
LOL... mind you it is nice when attractive housewife considers you to be a wizard for sorting it out after hubby gave up!
Lighting circuits must cause more confusion than any other electrical problem for the wannabe diy'er !
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Yes. Often you find that people will have a go at lighting but bottle out on socket replacement due to the higher rating!
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Ed Sirett

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