Conversvatory. Roof & Heating Options plus cat flap!

I am looking to put a conservatory onto my house for use all year round.
At a guess the size will probably around 3m x 4m.
As I would like to keep heating costs in winter as low as possible, I am
considering if a polycarbonate or glass roof is more efficient? This is
further confused by the range of polycarbonate inserts, and reflective glass
that is also avaliable. From googling, it appears that rain noise is also an
issue for some.
Has anyone done the calculations on the differences of thermal efficients
between various roofing materials.
I plan to put the conversvatory onto its own heating zone, so that the area
can be left unheated when unoccupied. I asked a previous question regarding
heating options, which seems to advise against underfloor (gas) due to the
long response time of this method of heating? Yet, a number of website still
promote ufh for conservatories. Other websites suggest the use of a a/c
unit, as a reverse heat pump. Whilst this is more efficient that electricity
I understand that using gas is still more cost effective. At the moment I am
considering a fan convector as this should provide the quickest heat up
time, and benefits from using gas for heat. Does anyone have any other
options? or would a combination be a better choice.
Lastly, as the conservatory will be built onto the existing back door (with
cat flap), I need to provide access for cats into the conservatory. Has
anyone got a cat flap in a UPVC door? I assume I would have to have a panel
door to the same height as the dwarf walls to fit this? Alternativly I have
though about building the cat flap through the dwarf wall, most cat flaps
seems to have accessories to facilitate this.
Anything else I should think of before I get quotes!
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We had 2 UPVC doors fitted recently - both with cat flaps - no problems.
Sorry I can't help with your other questions.
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Hugh Jampton
We had a capflap put into the porch we've got - it's a magnetic one but we've now got one more cat than we started with as he learnt to break in. If we want to replace it we need to replace the whole panel I think rather than just banging it out and putting a new one in.
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in mind there's be a draft from the cat flap which might chill you room quite a lot.
>Anything else I should think of before I get quotes! > >
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