What's an intermediate switch?

Just browsing the screwfix catalogue for a couple of light switches
and see they have something that looks identical to a single gang
light switch but they call it an intermediate switch? Just curious as
to what it is and where it's used?
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In article , DIYdisaster writes
Same as crossover switch identified here:
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extends the concept of 2 position switching to more than 2 positions eg. Top of stairs, bottom of stairs to same + middle landing. Placed (connected) between the end switch positions it can be extend the number of switch positions indefinitely if required.
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Do you know how to wire a pair of 2 way switches (say) at the top and bottom of the stairs?
You can put an intermediate half way up so the lights can be controlled from all three switches. You simply break the strapping wires and connect them to the four terminals on the switch operating the switch simply reverses the connections of the strappers making the "on" condition "off" and vice versa.
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In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
It's used when you want 3 or more switches to be able independently to switch a single light (or group of lights wired in parallel).
Two-way switching is straightforward, but if you want 3 or more ways you need to insert one or more intermediate switches between the 2-way jobbies. An intermediate switch simply swaps the two through connections and thus toggles the light on and off.
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Roger Mills
3-way switching is where a switch has three selection options, eg off, ignition, drive.
The confusion arises because two-point switching uses two-way switches. Three (and more) point switching uses two two-way switches and one (or more) intermediate/crossover switches.
-- JGH
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In article ,
Two way plus intermediate switching circuit.
L1 L1 0===========0 0===========0============= Line | \ / | C 0================================O C \ / \ / 0===========0 0===========0============= Switch return L2 Optional L2 Intermediate
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