washing machine repair

I have hotpoint washer dryer 9970A. The machine was shaking more then
it use to. So i checked most items and thought may be the suspension
leg strut damper is not working properly.
So i somehow managed to take the left hand damper out cleaned it put
some grease, When i installed the damper back . i found not enough
screw is coming out of the underside of the machine for the nut to
screw on. I think i need someting to compress the two rectangular
rubber (one red on the inside and one black on the out side ) so that
i have more excess to the screw. i dont have any compression tool and
have run out of ideas.
I would be so appreciative for someone to help.
Thank you
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In article , snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com writes:
Can't help with that sorry, but a few other things to check too...
Check it's not just the machine having moved a bit and vibrating against something next to it.
Make sure the transport clamp isn't fitted (unlikely unless it's a new machine or you just refitted it to move it).
Often there are a couple of springs in the top to hold the drum in the right position front-to-back. Check they're still attached and not broken. (Don't know if your model has them.)
Make sure the drum weights are still securely attached.
Check there's no play in the drum bearing which is allowing the inner drum to wobble relative to the outer drum (as I posted in another thread just now, gently lift the edge of the inner drum and make sure the outer drum moves in sync).
Make sure the cabinet isn't coming apart -- lift the corners and make sure it's all rigid.
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Andrew Gabriel
Only thing I can suggest is a pair of 'mole' grips like these
formatting link
can buy el cheapo ones in B&Q for a couple of quid.
Failing that you would have to make up a jig from some scrap steel.
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The Medway Handyman
Can't help regarding the strut, but if you manage to replace it and find that the washing machine is still shaking it is worth checking that the machine is level and that the front feet are adjusted properly to ensure even distribution of weight on all four feet.
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