Vokera Linea 24 fault

My combi boiler has packed up! I've had a leaking radiator which I've
replaced today. When I've come to relight the boiler it is simply displaying
fault code 04 (low system pressure) and refuses to reset. I've followed the
fault finding guide in the manual and it simply says "replace PCB". Well,
OK - but before I do, has anyone any experience of this fault that might
just give me a cheaper route to repairing it??? I haven't tried to run the
system with the pressure low, although due to the leaky rad it has kept
dropping down - and I've kept topping up.... System is now at around 1.25
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Dave P
It sounds like the pressure sensor has gone open or closed circuit and the board believes the value is too low, ie. out of range and therefore has failed. I would start with the pressure sensor and check with a multimeter to see what it shows connected across the wires. Perhaps someone who is more knowledgeable will offer further advice.
Best of luck, Graham
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In addition you might have a pump full of air. When the air is out the water will move and the boiler may reset.
Unless the boiler is a Potty Suprima make the PCB repalcement the repair of last resort.
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Ed Sirett
In message , Ed Sirett writes
A bit of a silly thing to say, that
various pcbs have characteristic failure symptoms
profile fan oscillating on and off, might be pcb or APS, pcb is more likely
solo 2 - pump doesn't stop - pcb
performa - fan - probably pcb
the bottom line is, don't guess, diagnose
e.g. I often get people saying that they don't know if they have a problem with the pcb or the gas valve (irrespective of what the boiler is)
"have you measured to see if you have 240 volts across the GV solenoid"
"No, I haven't checked that ..."
A simple test, well beyond the capabilities of many CORGI fitters
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