Vokera Linea 24 - heat exchanger

If you recall, I posted a while back about loss of pressure on my combi system which required topping up every few weeks or so.
At the time, it was suggested that I shouldn't be too worried as the likely rate of loss was such that it would probably evaporate on or soon after escape.
N-E-way.....I've had my boiler serviced today and the engineer showed me where the water was being lost - there is a leak in the heat exchanger !!! (evidenced by a water droplet in one corner and what looks to be watermarks down one side of the chamber) This leads me to ask a few further questions
(1) Apart from the fact that this part of the boiler is expensive to replace (150+), is this a particularly serious problem? i.e. would the boiler be adversely affected if we were to continue using the boiler without replacing this part for now? - probably a silly question, I know - but worth asking nonetheless.
(2) Does anyone here find it surprising that the heat exchanger needs to be replaced on a 2 year old combi system? - I'm not so much suspicious of the engineer's prognosis as the original installer's incompetence or the manufacturer's dodgy product.
(3) Would it be reasonable for me to suggest to the manufacturer that the product is not really fit for purpose, namely years of trouble free operation? i.e. although the warranty was only for 1 year, would it be reasonable to expect trouble-free operation for a longer period?
cheers, RM
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