Vermiculite, Rockwool, or Fibreglass Insulation

Wood/Coal burner (insert type not free standing with a back boiler unit
unused) pre-existing when we moved in.
Sitting in a standard fireplace with about 2" all round it between the
actual fire back and the hearth/chimney brickwork.
Draught from chimney is excessive so need to insulate between the sides and
back. (Already has a plasterboard type face with tiles on which the unit
sits against) and possibly over the top
Question is do I use vermiculite and pour around the spaces to fill the gaps
and reduce the downdraught
use fibreglass insulation and pack between the sides of the fire and the
Set a plate in the chimney and pass the flue through that (Will make
sweeping it a lot harder) and seal the face to the front of the fireplace.
Anyone ????
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