Venturi showers

My daughter's bloke hasn't got a shower and she has asked what would be
needed to fit one.
It appears they have an all electric house - cylinder with immersion heater.
With Part P in mind I was reluctant to suggest an electric shower or a
pumped system and had read about the venturi shower (Trevi Boost). I passed
this info on and it has now come to haunt me in the form of "Daddy, could
you come and take a look to see if you could fit one of those showers that
you thought would be good?"
Will be going to look on Tues. First thing - is the hot feed 22 mm.
Have any of the contributors any experience of this sort of shower as I am
slightly reluctant to put their money where my mouth was and wary of an
unsatisfactory end result?
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Oh the joys of being a Dad :-) Guess where I'm working (for free) on Saturday morning?
I've repaired 1 Trevi & about 3 Aqualisa venturi showers in the past. Not to say they are unreliable, there are thousands of these in the new builds around here and our water is more like slightly damp chalk than hard water.
Aqualisa have a technical helpline that is 100% superb, can't speak highly enough of them.
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Give them a call, I'm sure they will give good advice.
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The Medway Handyman
Have had a Trevi Boost for 3 years. Absolutely essential to have 22mm throughout hot water feed and minimum of bends (ideally exclusively to that shower). Mine has about a 1.5m head and delivers the goods rather well. Very well made components. ISTR they insist on using their spray head. I did, and still looks and performs superbly.
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Who is to know a shower has been fitted unless you put a big poster outside the house? You need an electric shower, circuit breaker rated to match the shower, 6mm T&E cable and a switch to isolate it - proper switch outside the bathroom or pull switch inside. A few bits of 15mm pipe and bits to join it on, depending on whether you can solder a pipe or not. Don't forget a tap or some form of isolator inline with the shower feed. It shouldn't take you longer than half a day to fit. If you haven't a clue, just be honest about it and say so. Then no one will waste time and money! Never say you can do things when you can't, you will not always have an internet newsgroup to run to like many seem to.
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On Mon, 26 Nov 2007 01:49:00 -0000 someone who may be "Frank" wrote this:-
Circuit breakers are rather large items of equipment to fit in a house. Far better would be a miniature circuit breaker or fuse to fit in a spare way of the consumer unit, having first ascertained that the consumer unit and external wiring can cope with the new load.
A protective device should be rated to protect the circuit and load, not match it.
That rather depends on the load, protective device and how the cable is installed. If it is clipped direct then this size may be adequate, if it is embedded in (thermal) insulating material it is most unlikely to be adequate.
This list ignores the question of bonding the shower. It also ignores the issue of preventing possible contamination of the water supply.
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David Hansen
I would not like to use my electrical ability in such an area now. I have fitted them in the past - but as I now know that I would be in contavation of the laws and that it isn't my house and HIPS and things I am not going to venture into fitting an electric shower. I guess it would require a seperate circuit breaker as the existing one is prbably full and it is starting to become a big job - then there are the "ping -f..k-its" that would make the job bigger than it really is. I may end up recomending that they have someone install one if fitting a Venturi doesn't seem straightforward.
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Cheapo B&Q job I fitted a few years back gave trouble after a while.
If it's simply Part P avoidance how about either a low voltage power shower (or separate LV pump) or, if affordable, Aqualisa Quartz fitted outside the bathroom zones?
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John Stumbles
If a pump or a shower is fitted outside of the bathroom is it notifiable under part P? It isn't in the bathroom so one would presume not but it does handle water which goes directly to the bathroom so just as dangerous if one were to get it wrong.
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Andrew May
Go for the Trevi Boost. Not cheap but very well made and good looking. AS been said, run a dedicated 22mm hot supply from the cylinder to the mixer and a 15mm cold water mains supply.
They work well giving high pressure showers as much as the mains can deliver. get the tech specs of the Trevi and test your main pressure. Theses venturi mixers must be run within the makers specs. Problems are invariably poor installation.
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Doctor Drivel
John I pursued the venturi shower a bit further and found that the forums on have discussed this pretty fully. Suggest you have a look there. It does seem that if you have the right range of HW and CW pressures the Trevi is good - a quick trawl for prices found this - other sites can go up to over =A3300
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Have a look at Part P itself -
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particular Table 1. I'd quote from it but the pillocks who produced this document have made it so that you can't copy & paste text[1]. As I read it if the work is not in a location containing a bath tub or shower basin and doesn't involve providing a new circuit back to the consumer unit then it's not notifiable.
No need to worry about that: if it's done in accordance with Part P it will be safe! Same as replacing an electric shower (provided it doesn't need new wiring) is OK wrt Part P. OTOH if you connect a thermostat to a boiler that's dangerous - gotta notify that!
[1] except for accessibility: kpdf[2] offers to speak selected text so prsumably one could have a "text-to-speech" application that actually copied the text to a file or clipboard buffer (a la vsound for grabbing audio from realplayer etc). Anybody know of such a thing?
[2] linux-speak. For those of you still using Micro$oft Windows: just keep banging the rocks together guys!
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John Stumbles
Evince 0.6.1 (default .pdf reader in Ubuntu 6.10) quite happily allows me to select/copy/paste from that document, John. Although the "ONLINEVERSION" watermark *also* gets copied, but that's not too difficult to clean up. What .pdf reader are you using?
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