Tiles from Hell - the sequal

As I mentioned, the most disorganised woman on the planet has bought a shop.
I arrived this morning to tile the floor.
The carpet tiles hadn't been removed, a decorator had left innumerable
objects behind, assorted rubbish abounded including a 10' run of picket
fence (?). I emptied the floor area whilst waiting for Wickes to deliver
the tiles. Dopey BIL was meant to be there to act as labourer, but
apparently 'forgot'.
"Wickes will deliver first thing" she promised me. Their idea of first
thing was 11 o'clock. Sat in the cafe opposite for 45 mins drinking tea &
reading the paper.
"Its a concrete floor" she said. It was chipboard. Off to Wickes to buy
some primer.
Primed the floor, went back to cafe while it dried.
Laid my first tile at 1:00pm. By 4:00pm I had got about 11 sq mtrs of tile
down when the phone rang.
Emergency call re the house I'd worked on last week (the house of the
dreadful tiles). The electric hob is burning! Smoke everywhere!. Stopped
tiling, carried 30 boxes of tiles, 4 bags of adhesive, 3 bags of grout into
shop, locked up & rushed off to 'emergency'.
Checked load/no load voltage, temperature of supply cable, all connections -
Some black smoke visible, some greyish smoke with 'plasticky' smell.
Black smoke visible when one ring switched on - scraped off remains of
plastic margarine tub residue & all was well. Showed disorganised woman
instructions which read " when hobs are used for the first time, some smoke
will be visible for a short while due to a protective coating".
Back tomorrow with dopey BIL as labourer.
I'm on a strictly hourly rate - so I aint bovvered. Sarah Beaney could make
an entire series with this woman!
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The Medway Handyman
What is it going to sell? Filofaxes?
Probably best really.
That's OK. Meter's running.
Pray that he forgets again.
Had you thought about tiering the pricing upwards with time?
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Andy Hall
What is the betting she will be just as disorganised about paying your bill?
Peter Crosland
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Peter Crosland
I once came out of Focus and was grabbed by a market researcher. Among the questions she asked was "Would you take on a big job, such as hanging a door?" I laughed.
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trouble with people like that is when the bill comes in they say no no, its not my fault you wasted a days time and bought the wrong adhesive because i told you a bunch of crp. Hope Mr Medway's got thumbscrews.
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I wonder how these people survive? Darwin seems to be failing in this case.
That's the ticket, but I hope her bill paying is some what better and not with rubber cheques. Maybe cash, weekly, would be a good idea? If she is this bad what hope is there for the shop actually trading in profit or having any capital in the form of a loan behind it...
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Dave Liquorice
Cash, *daily*
Why do I get the feeling the shop's stock is going to include candles, and possibly crystals and mystic pet pebbles ...
In which case it will probably be a little gold-mine until eventually closed down for non-payment of VAT.
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Now that's going some 11sq metres in 3 hours ( 3.67 metres an hour! ) How big are the tiles a metre square each?
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Ah, but maybe they are laid worse than the BIL's bathroom tiling. After all if that is acceptable why bother doing ones normal proper job? B-)
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Dave Liquorice
Normally I don't. The original job was assembling racking, changing light fittings etc for which I allocated two days. She changed her mind last minute & wanted the floor tiled instead.
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The Medway Handyman
It's cash/cheque when each job is finished. She did try it on today - "I'll pay you when you come back & fit the lights". The answer to which is no, you have to pay me now.
I'm as hard as nails when it comes to payments. My terms are strictly cash/cheque on completion - I make sure customers know this in the nicest possible way. Did a job for a 'happy slappy' church recently, cheque had to come from head office & didn't arrive within 5 days, so I e-mailed then to say if I didn't have it in another 3 days I would go to court. It arrived.
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The Medway Handyman
Funnily enough, thats exactly what the previous encumbents sold. Rochester High Street is like that. She is selling designer label clothing, shoes & handbags.
Funnily enough again, she's Nigerian - a race well known for financial scams!
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The Medway Handyman

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